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Luxury African Safaris since 2005

Luxury African Safari Pricing Guide for 2023 

The prices for a luxury African Safari may differ greatly depending on the level of luxury accommodation you require.
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Luxury African Safari Prices

The most common question we get asked is, how much does an African safari cost? This definitive guide to prices, specials, seasons, destinations and more provides the information you need to plan your vacation budget. 

Star Rating

This guide is for four and five-star luxury African Safaris. The property grade is the biggest factor affecting the price of your African safari holiday. 

All prices below are per person sharing.

Four Star Luxury Safari

Four Star

7 Nights from $5,297 pps

You'll be surprised to learn that the good four-star safari lodges would be considered five stars in most countries, and many of them will no doubt be upgraded in due course, but until then you can get them at four-star prices. 

Four-star properties also come with all-inclusive packages and a good 4-start African safari for 7 days starts at around $5,297 but with a few upgrades here and there you should realistically budget for closer to $6000. 

Five Star Luxury Honeymoon Safari

Five Star

7 Nights from $6,757 pps

The five-star safari lodges enjoy the finest locations for animal viewing and the most luxurious finishes. 

If you want to experience a more intimate wildlife experience then these lodges provide more remote access more often than not in private concessions. 

A five-star luxury African safari holiday typically costs around $1,000 per person daily. 

If you book multiple properties from the same operator you can expect to get free night offers or other savings on the overall accommodation cost of your booking. 

Five Star Premium Safari

Five Star Premium

7 Nights from $8,897 pps

There are only 10 lodges and hotels in Africa boasting the prestigious title of Five Star Premium. 

These are the very best of the best and no attention to detail is missed when striving for such an honour. 

You can expect to pay from $1,000 up to $3,000 per person daily at one of these exquisite properties and their locations are the best available in Africa. 


The seasons vary depending on the location but for the most part, the busiest time of the year and therefore the most expensive time to travel is from December to February.
This is the busy vacation period in Africa when demand surges and prices are often 20 - 50% more than in other months. 
This is also the hottest time of the year and not the best for game viewing - although it is still very good - it's just that the animals seek shelter from the hot day sun and the bush is denser due to the higher rainfall. Typically July to October is ideal for game viewing. 


If you want to enjoy a luxury safari experience but want to either add value or cut a few costs, these tips below will help you. 

Get more value for your African safari when you book multiple properties from the same operator. This way you can get bed night discounts and of course, the good news is, we have all the contacts in place already. 

Free Night Offers

If you're lucky enough to be on your Africa Honeymoon then you can claim specials like Bride Pays 50% as well as benefit from suite upgrades, discounted spa treatments and a host of uniquely tailored tours just for you. 

Bride Pays 50%

If you select the right lodges at the right time of the year you can oftentimes get free upgrades on the rooms. Contact us for special offers and we'll use our vast network and close relationships to get you the best deal available. 

Free Upgrades


Africa has so many wonderful Safari Destinations to choose from and the average pricing differs slightly from location to location.
This quick safari pricing overview below sheds light on the starting prices per person daily you can expect to pay.
These locations offer great safaris for families, couples, groups and seniors safaris too.   

Krger Park Pricing

South Africa

The #1 most popular wildlife safari destination in all of Africa is the Kruger National Park in the north of South Africa. 

Here you'll find the largest variety of large mammals and birdlife on the continent, including the much sought-after Big Five animals. The Kruger also boasts the best accommodation variety giving you superb value for money. 

  • Big Five Safari

  • 140+ Mammal Species

  • 500+ Bird Species

  • Private Guides

  • Private Reserves

  • Honeymoon Specials

Cape Town Prices

Cape Town

South Africa

Located at the southern most tip of Africa and regarded as the number one city in the world to visit, Cape Town boasts a mixed bag of breathtaking scenery, endless ocean views, blue flag beaches, award-winning wine estates, world Top 50 rated restaurants, cultural excursions and a large variety of day tours. 
The prices per person in Cape Town for a good four-star hotel near the iconic Waterfront start at around $167 per person.  

  • Table Mountain

  • Southern Peninsula

  • Robben Island

  • Cape Winelands

  • Ocean Adventures

  • World-Class Cuisine

Victoria Falls Pricing

Zambia / Zimbabwe

Situated on the mighty Zambezi River at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia lies "the smoke that thunders", more commonly known as Victoria Falls - the world's biggest waterfall. 

The area is more than just one massive mountain of water cascading over the fall's edge however, it is an adventure-lovers dream with white water rafting, tiger fishing, bungee, hiking trails and wildlife safaris on your doorstep. 

  • Biggest Waterfall

  • Wildlife Safaris

  • White Water Rafting

  • Zambezi Cruises

  • Aerial Tours & Safaris

  • Honeymoon Destination

Seychelles Pricing

East Africa

The luxury villas and hotels of Seychelles off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean are the perfect way to end off your luxury African safari package with days spent in paradise. 

The warm azure waters and white sands of this pristine island afford you the opportunity to relax and rewind or explore, all in warm Indian hospitality. 

  • Warm Indian Ocean

  • Azure Waters

  • White Sandy Beaches

  • Excellent Diving

  • World-Class Spas

  • Island Getaway

Benguerra Island Pricing

Benguerra Island


The Benguerra Island location in Mozambique is a short flight from South Africa and another unspoiled beach location.
The local marine reserve is a scuba diver or snorkeler's ideal setting or you can spend days around your own private villa pool or explore the island and surrounds. This is the preferred location for many southern African safari travellers. 

  • Beach Honeymoon

  • Marine Reserve

  • Tropical Getaway

  • Relaxation Therapy

  • Luxury Accommodation

  • Island Flavour

Okavango Delta Pricing

Okavango Delta


When you want a remote African safari destination with all the luxury trimmings and VIP service of Five Star hotel, you want to visit the world heritage site that is the Okavango Delta. 

Here you'll spend days at a lodge perched on the river banks where animals quench their thirst and birds chirp away happily in their unspoiled surroundings. The price of an Okavango safari may be more than other locations, but anyone who can afford it will tell you it's well worth it. 

  • Big Five Safari

  • 50,000+ Elephant

  • Mokoro Safaris

  • Remote African Luxury

  • Five Star Lodges

  • Walking Safaris

Serengeti Safari Pricing



The far-stretching plains of the Serengeti are perhaps most famously known for The Great Animal Migration, also referred to as the Great Wildebeest Migration. 

Each year more than 2million animals move through the park in search of grazing pastures and food, with a number of excellent accommodation options giving you a front-row seat to one of nature's most spectacular displays. 

  • Great Migration

  • Big Five Safaris

  • Endless Views

  • Balloon Safaris

  • Walking Safaris

  • Luxury Camps

Masai Mara Safari Prices

Masai Mara


The Masai Mara and the local tribes provide an "Out of Africa" experience for any traveller in search of an authentic "1920s" African safari holiday. 

You'll also get the benefits of the Great Animal Migration if you pick your travel month correctly and prices for a luxury Kenya safari start at around the mid $400 per person mark, daily. 

  • Big Five Safari

  • Great Migration

  • Masai Mara Tribe

  • Authentic Safari

  • Mount Kilimanjaro

  • Roaming Tented Camps

Franschhoek Pricing


South Africa

Franschhoek is the food and wine capital of Africa with a strong French influence and jaw-dropping location at the foot of the Cape Fold Mountains, less than 60 minutes outside Cape Town. 

Here you'll find a strong south of France influence with an African flair to treat your palette and senses alike. Franschhoek boasts many boutique hotels with prices from $218 per person sharing.

  • Cape Fold Mountains

  • Food & Wine Capital

  • Private Tours

  • Boutique Hotels

  • Outside Cape Town

  • French Influence

Zambia Safari Pricing



Home of the walking safari and a fantastic value for money destination complete with the Big Five animals and a wide variety of wildlife in unspoiled and commercialised settings. 

Zambia is undoubtedly the forgotten gem of Africa and prices for an Africa safari are considerably lower here, but with all the benefits and more of other reserves or concessions. 

  • Big Five Safaris

  • Walking Safaris

  • Large Elephant Herds

  • Exceptional Value

  • Victoria Falls

  • Honeymoon Specials

Zimbabawe Safari Pricing



Zimbabwe has a storied past and is slowly getting back to the popular safari destination it was in the past. 

The Victoria Falls side is still the biggest draw card to Zimbabwe but the country offers great value for money to entice visitors to their newly refurbished properties in idyllic game viewing locations, with all the luxuries of the other reserves. 

  • Wildlife Safaris

  • Big Five Animals

  • Vistoria Falls

  • Singita Pamushana

  • Private Reserves

  • Private Guides

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Prices



Straight out of "Gorillas in The Mist" is the home of the mighty apes, Rwanda. 

Now keep in mind that this is absolutely a life-changing experience, but it does come at a steep price with accommodation from $767 at private lodges and day passes to the gorillas equally priced. 

Safari Enquiry

African Safari Quote

Get a free tailored quote to design the perfect luxury African safari of your dreams based on your bucket list. 

We don't do cookie-cutter packages but rather go the extra mile to make sure your safari is uniquely yours. 

  • Tailored Packages

  • VIP Service

  • 24/7 Local Support

  • Fully Bonded

  • 20+ Years Experience

  • Best Rates Available

African Safari Prices

The prices quoted here for an African safari give you a good indication of what to expect, but the best way to lock down a package price is to have one of our experienced consultants chat with you, decide on a budget and then put together the best prices and options so you may enjoy your African safari as you envision it. 

For more information and a no-obligation quote, get in touch today and let's design your perfect package at a price that makes you smile. 

If you're travelling on your Africa honeymoon special offers may apply and we have a host of free upgrades, discounts and more to add value and memories to your honeymoon.

For the best African safari vacation prices enquire today. 

Our packages start at $5k and go up to an ultra-exclusive $150K Luxury African safari. The average price you can expect to pay for a luxury safari is around $7K-$10K per person sharing, with five-star all-inclusive luxury safari lodges. 

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