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The Creaney's 20 Day Epic African Safari

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Martyn and Colleen Creaney had the pleasure of booking a wildlife lovers dream African Safari adventure, boasting 6 Game Reserves in four countries and an abundance of animal sightings and encounters.

The Creaney's in Devils Pool at Victoria Falls

4 Countries in 20 Days

The Creaney's African safari featured the best wildlife in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Typically we would review their itinerary here, but Martyn did us the favour of doing so himself.

So, in his words, here is what he told his friends and family about his African safari vacation.


A belated blog for at least 2 reasons, one is Colleens laptop decided to have a quiet death on a game farm in Botswana due to I think voltage and frequency fluctuations, plus with no internet available we could not send anything anyway and if we did it might frighten some of you as we were...

  • Stalked by a 3 year old lioness near  the Leroo La Tau game lodge in Bots  who then started running at our jeep with Colleen telling our guide to move NOW and you know how inspiring Colleen can be although the guide was curious and wanted to stick around to see what it would do. 

  • Had leopard prints outside our tent at Camp Moremi Bots again  and a buffalo next to our tent  the next day and evidently African buffalos unlike Asian ones will charge you without warning.

  • In Zimbabwe had a mock elephant charge by a young male on our way to the bush airport with our yet to be guide in training who said that elephants mock charge twice before really charging . ( Colleen again insisted that we not wait  to find out if it was true)

  • At the bush airport yes same one Colleen has a video of the same guide in training trying to chase an ostrich off the runway , who refused and ran in a circle till the guide in training figured out all the ostrich wanted to do was cross the runway which he did anyway.

  • 4 bush camps , 2 nicer Lodges with AC and power on all night , daily 5 am wake ups , 8 hours per day of getting an African massage via jeep, seeing lots of animals and learning about behaviour , having elephants screech all night at 2 camps as they put water holes near the camp so we can see the elephants but at night they don’t go to sleep but move around a lot through the camp and in other places, we ended up at a beautiful lodge  on the Zambezi near Vic falls in Zam. Really enjoyed the last 3 days and on the 3rd day thought we would have high tea on Livingstone island next to the falls which sounded very nice  and colonial .  So off we went to high tea complete with bathing suits for a  relaxing dip. Well they did not tell us that the relaxing dip was at the edge of the top of the falls in devils pool.  The pictures tells it all , there are no restraints safety harnesses just your ability to stay afloat , remain calm and the guides rescue knowledge . Needless to say we were shaken not stirred after this and tea was scones , cream and jam , ( Colleen and I did not argue over which goes on first ) and 2 G&Ts which were administered for health reasons. Oh while in the falls another thing they did not tell you while holding on for dear life was being  were eaten by little maybe they were big fish that nibbled for a better word on your water exposed  body which can interfere   with holding on to the rocks when you were trying to shake them off.

It was a great trip , cant even put it into words as  so much happened.

Got some interesting videos which I find more interesting than pictures since you can see what happens like a lion trying to bury a  dead elephant so no one would find it , Clements our guide in training chasing an ostrich, elephants gone wild, zebra everywhere, giraffes drinking, lions walking around our jeep at very close range, and a bunch more which I cant remember ….but will the more I think about the trip.

Our typical day was a 5 am wake up call , a small breakfast at 5:30 am, African massage from 6 am to about 10 :30 am via jeep, lunch at 11 am siesta  time in 37 degree heat in a tent till 3 pm another, afternoon tea then  4- 7 pm African massage part 2 with a sundowner at sundown somewhere in the open in the wild.

Interesting in Botswana the guides are not allowed to carry weapons for safety whereas in Zim , Zam and S Africa they do .

Our last guide  confessed he had to destroy an elephant awhile back as it had charged the vehicle and had it up against a tree. 

Also our guide in Zim always holstered his side arm  at the  sundowners .  Maybe Zim lions are fiercer than their Bots counter parts.

Any way time to relax before heading off to the tip with a trailer load of palm fronds. 

Cheers, Martyn

The Feedback

Hi Samantha and I just wanted to thank you so much for putting together a wonderful itinerary for Colleen and me visiting Africa.
18 days was long but really worth it as it gave us time to start to better understand and appreciate animal behaviour plus a few humans as well.
The resort at Thorntree  is outstanding and alone in comparison, one of the nicest resorts that we have ever stayed in and a great way to end our trip although the Vic Falls trip was a surprise which will be long remembered as noted below.
Again many thanks for all that you have done.
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