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SAFARI COSTS 2023 / 2024


You've already made a great decision in deciding on an Africa Honeymoon for 2023 / 2024, but with so many destinations, prices, seasons, and accommodation options how do you choose a package that fits your budget? 

This page will help you narrow the field and give you an idea of the costs involved for your honeymoon, once done, contact us and let's custom design the perfect package for you. 

Prices by Star Rating

The biggest factor affecting African honeymoon costs is the star rating and with four-star, five-star and now five-star premier the price of your Africa honeymoon package can vary greatly. It's worth noting that you don't want anything under 4-star accommodation as the experience can be less than romantic... 

All prices below are per person sharing.


Four Star

7 Nights from $5,297 pps

It's worth noting that good four-star accommodation in Africa is more often than not superior to European or American Four Star accommodation, and many great packages exist. 

The biggest difference perhaps is what's included in your stay, as for the most part four-star only includes bed and breakfast whilst a five-star African honeymoon package is typically fully inclusive of meals and local drinks.
Prices in Cape Town will be lower than prices in the bush for example, which brings down the overall cost of your Africa honeymoon.


Five Star

7 Nights from $6,757 pps

The Five Star properties we work with are the best in their class and are reviewed frequently by our staff to ensure high standards of customer services, accommodation, cuisine and overall experience.

These properties are typically all-inclusive of meals and local drinks with 2 private daily game drives as part of the package cost.

Additionally, five-star properties more often than not enjoy premier locations and access to local wildlife, making the added expense worth it if you can upgrade your honeymoon budget.

Perhaps friends and family can chip into your wedding registry :)


Five Star Premier

7 Nights from $8,897 pps

There are only ten hotels and lodges in Africa to be awarded the prestigious five-star premier status.

These properties are the exceptional gems that go way beyond the traditional levels of service and excellence to ensure your Africa honeymoon is the best it can be.

These hotels and lodges offer the best of everything from accommodation to personal butler service, unique experiences, animal interaction and so much more you'll need to enquire for the full list of exceptional honeymoon exclusive experiences.


The seasons vary from destination to destination but for the most part the busiest time of the year and therefore the most expensive time to travel is from December to February.
This is also the hottest time of the year and not the best for game viewing - although it is still very good, it's just that the animals seek shelter during the day from the hot sun and the bush is denser due to higher rainfall.
On the flip side if you choose a destination with ample waterholes you can see incredible wildlife on your safari and reduce your Africa honeymoon costs by travelling this time of the year.
Typically, however, July to October is ideal for game viewing.


Hotels and Lodges love honeymooners and you can reduce the cost of your Africa honeymoon - or buddymoon - and get more value by taking advantage of these special offers.
For a list of current offers please contact us, as they come and go so fast there is little value in listing them on the website.
Alternatively, you can visit our Top 5 Honeymoon Packages Page for more information. 

A clever way to get more value and reduce your honeymoon costs, is to book through an operator with multiple properties and get free bed nights when you book 4 or more nights as a honeymoon couple. 


Honeymooners are the most loved of all travelers to Africa and specials like the bride pays only 50% of her accommodation fee can be sourced from select lodges and hotels, particularly in South Africa luxury properties.


Get more value from your Africa honeymoon with exclusive upgrades from standard rooms to superior or even suites to unique experiences like the tree houses at Lion Sands in the Greater Kruger Park in South Africa. 



The good news is you have many destinations to choose from for your African honeymoon. Here are the top 12 most popular in South & East Africa.
The honeymoon costs below are listed on a per person sharing basis per night and represent the starting prices for four-star luxury accommodation. 


South Africa

The Kruger Park in South Africa is the most visited wildlife park on the continent, but if you want a truly special honeymoon, you want to visit the Private Reserves surrounding the park and forming part of the Greater Kruger. 

With more high-quality luxury safari lodges and easy access, the Kruger is the number 1 destination for honeymooners. 

  • Big Five Safari

  • 140+ Mammal Species

  • 500+ Bird Species

  • Private Guides

  • Private Reserves

  • Honeymoon Specials


Cape Town

South Africa

Cape Town was recently rated the Number 1 City in the world to visit by The Telegraph in the UK, and it's no wonder because it truly is a special place for a honeymoon. 

More than just another city, Cape Town is steeped in local culture and boasts a long multi-cultural history, not to mention the beaches, ocean experience, wine estates, mountains, cuisine, nightlife and magnificent accommodation. 

  • Table Mountain

  • Southern Peninsula

  • Robben Island

  • Cape Winelands

  • Ocean Adventures

  • World-Class Cuisine


Zambia / Zimbabwe

Home of the World's Biggest Waterfall and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the "Smoke That Thunders" attracts honeymooners from far and wide yearly. 

A hotspot of adventure activities like bungee jumping, white water rafting and tiger fishing, the Victoria Falls is sure to keep you entertained on your African honeymoon. 

  • Biggest Waterfall

  • Wildlife Safaris

  • White Water Rafting

  • Zambezi Cruises

  • Aerial Tours & Safaris

  • Honeymoon Destination


East Africa

The perfect way to end an Africa Honeymoon is considered by many to be on a luxury tropical island, sipping a cocktail, soaking up the sun or swimming in the warm waters. 

The Seychelles is located off the coast of East Africa and comprises many exotic islands, perfect for a hideaway from the world after exploring the best of Africa. 

  • Warm Indian Ocean

  • Azure Waters

  • White Sandy Beaches

  • Excellent Diving

  • World-Class Spas

  • Island Getaway


Benguerra Island


Located a short flight from Southern Africa in Mozambique lies the unspoiled Benguerra Island, part of the archipelagos. 

Enjoy snorkeling or diving the marine reserve located on your doorstep, or simply relax in your private pool. Benguerra Island is a superb choice for anyone wanting a Island holiday, without the extended flight to Seychelles or Mauritius.  

  • Beach Honeymoon

  • Marine Reserve

  • Tropical Getaway

  • Relaxation Therapy

  • Luxury Accommodation

  • Island Flavour


Okavango Delta


The Okavango Delta is the choice of frequent visitors to Africa who want a remote location with luxuriously appointed accommodation. 

With lodges sprinkled along the banks of the Delta, this is the most opulent wildlife destination in Africa, and if you can afford to stay here, it's an absolute dream honeymoon destination.

  • Big Five Safari

  • 50,000+ Elephant

  • Mokoro Safaris

  • Remote African Luxury

  • Five Star Lodges

  • Walking Safaris




Home to The Great Animal Migration where more than 2 million animals move in a circular pattern through the Serengeti in search of food. Herbivores seek greener grazing pastures and carnivores track them in return. 

See more than 500,000 calves being born and witness nature unfold in its rawest form in front of you. 

  • Great Migration

  • Big Five Safaris

  • Endless Views

  • Balloon Safaris

  • Walking Safaris

  • Luxury Camps


Masai Mara


For an authentic African safari honeymoon experience the Masai Mara in Kenya will take you back to the late 1920's with a sophisticated authentic safari. 

The endless plains of The Mara set the stage for a wildlife viewing experience that stretches as far as the eye can see. Hot air ballooning safaris are an especially romantic way to take in the surrounds on your unique African Honeymoon.  

  • Big Five Safari

  • Great Migration

  • Masai Mara Tribe

  • Authentic Safari

  • Mount Kilimanjaro

  • Roaming Tented Camps



South Africa

Nestled at the foot of the Cape Fold Mountains lies a romantic honeymoon retreat that will have you thinking you've left Africa and landed in the south of France. 

Franschhoek boasts some of the most picteresque settings in Africa and a wide variety of award-winning wine estates and internationally acclaimed restaurants. 

  • Cape Fold Mountains

  • Food & Wine Capital

  • Private Tours

  • Boutique Hotels

  • Outside Cape Town

  • French Influence




Zambia is Africa's lesser known wildlife safari or honeymoon destination, yet it offers the Big Five, is the home of walking safaris and the unspoiled reserves do not attract as many tourists, leaving you with an authentic wildlife experience. 

For honeymooners especially, Zambia is a great location where you can experience the thrill of the wild, the mighty Zambezi River and get superb year-round honeymoon special deals. 

  • Big Five Safaris

  • Walking Safaris

  • Large Elephant Herds

  • Exceptional Value

  • Victoria Falls

  • Honeymoon Specials




Zimbabwe was once known as the bread basket of Africa before the country went through tough political times. 

It is now coming back into its own with more lodges opening to tourists and honeymooners worldwide, yearly. The most popular of the lodges is perhaps Singita Pamushana situated high up on a hill overlooking the endless surrounds in a private nature reserve. 

  • Wildlife Safaris

  • Big Five Animals

  • Vistoria Falls

  • Singita Pamushana

  • Private Reserves

  • Private Guides




The best place in the world to see the mighty gorillas in the wild is undoubtedly Rwanda, a bucket list experience and a dream honeymoon destination if you can afford the higher the average fees, due mainly to licensing requirements to venture into the gorillas natural habitat. 

Rwanda gorilla tracking is limited yearly to protect the surrounds and gorillas themselves from becoming stressed by tourists.


Contact us for availability and pricing if you're interested in this dream honeymoon destination, as availability is limited.  


Africa Honeymoon Costs

When you want the best value for money for your African honeymoon then you need someone with local contacts and the best rates in Africa. 

Contact us today and we'll pass on exclusive honeymoon savings to you and help design the perfect blend of wildlife, luxury, romance, unique experiences and VIP services available. 

  • Tailored Packages

  • VIP Service

  • 24/7 Local Support

  • Fully Bonded

  • 20+ Years Experience

  • Best Rates Available

Africa Honeymoon Costs

In conclusion, you can visit Africa for your honeymoon starting at a little over $5,000 for a 7-day luxury trip. This will cover the two most popular destinations in Cape Town and The Kruger National Park, home to the widest variety of animal species on the continent. 

If you can afford upwards of $7,000 per person sharing, then you can get a 5-star all-inclusive honeymoon with an island destination as an add-on, or Victoria Falls. 

If money is no object then the best Africa Honeymoon would combine Cape Town, The Kruger, Vic Falls, Okavango Delta and Seychelles into one package so special that National Geographic will want to cover it :) 

For more information regarding the costs of your honeymoon, or special limited time offers that give you considerable more value or savings, get in touch with us today. 

We specialise in creating one-of-a-kind honeymoon packages, 100% tailored to meet your needs and tick off the items on your wish list. 

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